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Best Strength & Core Exercises for Runners

Posted by Run Geek on

Sticking to our recent blog theme of lists... here's our top 8 strength and core exercises for runners. In the words of Mr. T. 'I pity the fool' who doesn't incorporate strength and core exercises into their running training.

So here they are. And yes, we have found the cheesiest, campest, all round most cringeworthy video we could find of each exercise. Just to brighten up your day a little bit!

1. The Plank

Planksgiving! Genius!

2. Side Plank

3. Lunges

If only we could pull off a trilby whilst running!

4. The Clam

His beard isn't as good as mine...

5. Pistol Squat

6. Bridge

7. Stability Ball Jackknife

8. Iron Cross 

We couldn't find anything in the least bit chringey for this unfortunately

So to make up for the last video here you go!