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7 Running Hacks That Will Change Your Life... (Maybe)

Posted by Run Geek on

1. Struggling with your big toes, or any toe for that matter, coming through the mesh on the top of your trainers? Get a good blister plaster, such as a compeed, rub it between your hands to warm it up, then stick it INSIDE your trainer above the toe that keeps coming through. That'll stop your toes ever coming through your mesh again.

2. It's like being a child all over again. Learn to tie your laces properly. There are numerous ways to tie your laces, in order to get the best out of the fit of your running shoes! Check out the diagram to find your suitable lacing technique!

3. Grab yourself a plastic bottle and fill with water. Now stick it in the freezer. Once frozen solid you have your very own makeshift foam roller that offers cold therapy at the same time. Those of you suffering with plantar fascititis - this is a great way of rolling out the arches in your foot with the cold therapy a great help to reduce inflammation.

4. Struggle carrying your key whilst you are out running? Tie in into your shoelace. In the words of Aleksander... Simples.

5. Probably one for those of you with a receding, or in my case non-existent, hairline. Do you find yourself with stinging eyes due to sweat getting in them whilst you're running? Rub some vaseline above your eyebrows and it creates a man-made channel for your sweat to run away from your eyes.

6. Struggling to carry enough liquid and nutrition on your long runs? Plan your long run routes in figure of eights, with home being the middle point. Allows you to top up on liquid and food halfway through if you are running low!

7. Instead of stripping off before jumping in the shower post run, leave your gear on. Giving your running gear a good rinse before showering yourself means you'll all likely get another run out of them before having to put them in the washer.

8. Use talc on your feet before putting on your socks. The talc helps keep your feet dry, in turn helping to reduce blisters.