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6 Surprising Reasons Why Running is like the Great British Bake Off

Posted by Clare Jennings on

It's has become a national institution and is about the most quintessentially British television programme to exist, and Run Geek have spotted some parallels between 'The Great British Bake Off' and our beloved running pastime. 


Having all the right ingredients

You've followed your training plan, you've got all the gear, you've got the energy gels, you've carb-loaded and done your cross training. The weather is perfect, and your head is in the game. All of these elements will combine to help to make the perfect mix for your best race. Today you will be 'star baker'. 

'Could have done with another 5 mins...' 

Just like an undercooked speciality bread, us runners are always chasing that next PB and those minutes and seconds make all the difference between a fully risen artisanal loaf or a sunken doughy pudding. 

The Underdog 

We all have that 'technical bake' - the sub 25 minute 5k; the challenging trail run; that first ultra. And despite all the preparation and rehearsal, on the day, you just 'crumble' under the pressure and it turns into a right mess of a melted Baked Alaska, leaving you to feel like the underdog. 

But... every now and again the underdog will pull out a 'show-stopper'; whether that is having the most fun on the course, achieving that elusive PB, or getting the first pint in at the post-race celebrations; every underdog will have its day!

The Mary Berry 

She's always there, on the course, the smiling older lady, with a twinkle in her eye. With years of running behind her, her experience and health are exemplary, she'll have a quick chat with you, offer some advice and before you know it she's over-taken you!

Soggy Bottoms

As a runner we maintain our stiff upper lip and go out in all weathers - the occasional downpour may leave us with a soggy bottom, but it doesn't deter us from pursuing our best-loved past-time.

It's all about the cake and biscuits 

Let's face it, from runners completing their first mile all the way up to elite international athletes, most runners look forward to the cakes and treats after they've crossed the finish line. There's nothing we love more than finding a good chocolate biscuit in our goody bags.

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